Here are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers, contact us if you still have a question.

Obtaining your license is a two-step process. The first step in applying for your Concealed Carry Permit is to take the class in order to have your certificate of completion to take to your local licensing department. With this class certificate, you will be able to begin the process of obtaining your Concealed Carry Permit.

No, we are only offering the training required by the state of Florida. We cannot see if there is something in your background that would prevent you from obtaining your license.

Certification of Competence with a Handgun is required by Florida law to fulfill the requirement for training in your application for a concealed carry permit. Our state certified trainer holds the necessary NRA certifications and years of practical handgun experience to assure you that the training you receive is the correct training. The course we offer online is comprised of nationally recognized NRA training materials that is used in all 50 states. We assure you that our online training course is not only valid but exceeds the minimum requirements for handgun safety training as outlined in the concealed carry permit requirements.

No, you are paying for the training itself. We are upholding our part of the deal by providing the necessary training you will need to get your Concealed Carry Permit. Refunds are not offered if you do not pass the background check or for whatever reason the state denies your application. You are paying for the service we provide, not the permit itself.

That is correct! The state of Florida requires all instructors to witness the student prove proficiency with a firearm. The way we do this is by having the students first complete the online portion of the class. Once that’s done, we schedule a one-on-one with the instructor for the student to fire the handgun. Then students pick up their certificate of completion and turn in that certificate to the state to start their application process for the concealed carry permit.

Yes, we are located in Kissimmee in Osceola County but we have had MANY students make the short drive to attend our classes or to drive down and pick up their certificate.

Doing the live fire portion and picking up your certificate takes about 15 minutes. The instructor will go over the most important portions of the online class and take the time to answer any questions the student might have.

No, we provide all the necessary equipment. Please do NOT bring any firearms when you come to collect your certificate. Thank you!