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Course Description: The NRA "First Steps Pistol Course" satisfies the state of Florida's requirements in order to obtain your Concealed Carry Permit. This 3hr+ course was designed with the novice gun owner in mind and covers the basics of owning a firearm responsibly. This hands on course will allow the students to not only get a feel of a firearm but will also allow them to demonstrate what they have learned in a classroom setting before we go to the live firing range. Students can expect to learn the different parts and functions of a firearm, how to load and unload a firearm (with fake ammunition), how to clear common malfunctions of a firearm, different types of ammunition and common malfunctions, proper grip, proper stance, shooting techniques, proper cleaning and storing and much much more!

Classes taught by NRA Certified Firearms Instructors, "Teaching Knowledge, Skills, and Attitude"

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